Motorola unveils phone upgrade plans

If you’re holding on to a Motorola phone and you want to be able to experience all that Android 4.0 has to offer, you better take a seat.

The manufacturer has just laid out a roadmap for its plans to upgrade existing handsets to Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. First off, here’s the list of devices that are slated for the update:

– Xoom

– Atrix 2

– Photon 4G

– Xyboard

That’s it. Those are the only Motorola devices that are confirmed to receive the latest update. It seems like a pretty small list, right? Well, those aren’t the only ones that will ever see Ice Cream Sandwich in Motorola’s future. At least, we hope not. There should be others, but Motorola is still working on evaluating exactly which ones those should be.

On the “potential” list are the Droid 3,  Droid Razr, Droid 4, and the Droid Bionic, among others. However, none of these will receive the upgrade until at least the third quarter of 2012.

The only exception is the Xoom, which should be coming in the second quarter. So for most of you Motorola heads, you’ll be waiting until July at the very earliest.

When it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades, so far progress has been spotty at best. The Nexus S phone was the first to attempt the push to Android’s newest version, and the process was quickly pulled after reports of problems. The same thing happened when Asus tried to update the Transformer Prime tablet.