Video spotted of Nokia N9 on Ice Cream Sandwich

The Nokia N9 will go down in mobile history as something of an enigma.

The device is powered by an operating system called Meego, which if you don’t remember was supposed to be Nokia’s Symbian replacement before it signed a pact with Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

The N9 is a completely button-free touch-screen phone, with a 3.9-inch display and 1 GB of RAM. It’s been praised by users who like the look and feel of the phone.

Of course, with its now-defunct operating system it got very little shelf space around the world, but one inventive software programmer saw more potential from the phone. Despite its small footprint, it managed to sell quite well.

A man named Alexey Roslyakov has managed to set up the phone so that it runs Android, specifically version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, even though it doesn’t exactly meet the ideal requirements for the new OS.

As for Meego, Nokia has previously said it could bring the software platform to other devices like in-car entertainment systems, where there is far less competition.

Nokia is now powering full steam ahead with Windows Phone, and despite all the calls for it to go with Android, it seems like the company may have actually made the right choice.

Because Windows Phone was a largely untested platform, Nokia has been able to come in and define it. The Lumia brand is becoming formidable in the US, something Nokia desperately needed.