DirecTiVo now available nationwide

Yep, Tivo is still around, folks.

 Tivo has just released a joint announcement with leading satellite TV provider DirecTV that the DirecTV-branded version of the once dominant set-top box is now available nationwide.

DirecTV and Tivo have had a partnership since 2000, and through the years they have worked to integrate services as much as possible, but recently the two were not joined at the hip as strongly as each one started to divert and do its own thing.

Now, though, DirecTV customers can get a DirecTiVo that acts both as their connected set-top device to get satellite TV reception and as a digital video recorder.

The HD box can record up to 100 hours of HD programming, or a whopping 400 hours of TV content in standard definition. It supports recording up to two shows at once, and also features Tivo’s slate of more than 7,000 movies on demand.

“DirecTV has a long-standing reputation for offering our customers the best in advanced programming and services and they now have even more DVR options with this new TiVo-enabled platform,” said DirecTV SVP Tony Goncalves in a statement.

Not every function of a standalone Tivo is available in the DirecTivo, including 3D content, the DirecTV iPad remote app, whole-home DVR service, and streaming Youtube.

Everyone knows that Tivo has become something of an obsolete player in the market thanks to the surge in cable provider-licensed DVR boxes and Internet-connected TVs, but the company has tried to hone its focus with new online content like Netflix and partnerships with other equipment manufacturers.