Verizon plans 4G pricing promotion

If you want to pick up a Verizon 4G LTE phone, this weekend is the time to do it.

Beginning Friday, Verizon will offer a special promotion for users who sign up for the lowest tier of mobile data. A $30/month data plan normally only offers 2 GB of data every month. During the promotion, though, customers can lock in the same rate for 4 GB a month.

This comes as Verizon continues to face pricing pressure from its competitors. The #1 carrier in the US has consistently ranked at the top of consumer research lists of most reliable service and customer care.

However, it comes at a price. Verizon prices are among the most expensive in the business, and it also offers the greatest selection of $200+ phones. As a result, Verizon already does very well with the high-end, sophisticated smartphone customer.

With this promotion, though, it hopes to extend its reach to the more budget-conscious consumers. The carrier also ran the exact same deal last year in an effort to spur sales, and it must have worked.

Verizon’s 4G service uses the most advanced LTE network in the country, but it now has a formidable competitor in AT&T, which has begun aggressively rolling out LTE service and compatible devices. Sprint is next on the LTE bandwagon, giving Verizon’s position as the only LTE carrier a definitive funeral.