Best Buy survey sheds insight into iTV

There’s a survey circulating the Web on behalf of Best Buy, which provides deep details about what Apple’s entry into the TV market might be.

Of course, it’s always very possible that Best Buy knows about as much about the upcoming Apple-branded TV set as we do. But regardless of how much of this survey is based in fact, we can at least see what Best Buy expects the iTV to include.

During the survey, discovered by, customers are shown a description about an “all new 42-inch Apple HDTV at Best Buy for $1499.” This description includes the following details:

* 42″ 1080p LED flat panel display

* Incorporates Apple’s operating system (iOS) found in its current Apple TV set top box which allows you to purchase and stream movies and other entertainment from the Internet

* Download and use apps from the App Store. Can you imagine playing Angry Birds on a big screen in your living room?

* Supports Apple’s new iCloud service for storing your movies, TV shows, and music content that you’ve purchased from iTunes and beam them to your Apple HDTV.

* Use your iPad or iPhone as a remote control, and do everything from controlling your TV, to purchasing new shows and swapping content between your Apple devices and the iCloud service.

* Built-in convenience with built in iSight camera and microphone for Skype.

* In addition to iTunes, stream content from popular sites such as Netflix, YouTube, and flickr.

* Available for $1499.

Notably, nothing is mentioned about connectivity with Siri, the voice-controlled iPhone program that allows users to find directions, get the weather, and do all manner of things simply by asking questions in normal human speech.

Referring to “iSight” instead of “FaceTime” is also raising some flags. Nevertheless, Best Buy isn’t one to just shoot from the hip without having a good sense of what’s coming down the road. So for now, this is as solid as we’ll get.