Are Android users easy?

Well, this is worth knowing: Android users are more likely to have sex on a first date, according to a Canadian survey.

Carried out for dating website, the Zoomerang survey found that 62 percent of Android using singles have succumbed to temptation on a first date, compared with 57 percent of iPhone users and just 48 percent of BlackBerry users.

They were also the most likely to have one-night stands, with 55 percent saying they’d done so. Half of iPhone users have done the same, but only 48 percent of BlackBerry users.

“More so than zodiac signs or astrology, smart phones are the new way Canadian singles can decode their dating style and determine if they’ve met their match,” says the site’s ‘relationship insider’ Kimberly Moffit.

Android users also were the most active visitors of dating websites, at 72 percent – way more than iPhone users, at 58 percent, or BlackBerry users at 50 percent.

Meanwhile, iPhone users are most likely to date somebody in their workplace – and are also the most eager, averaging just one day before calling someeone after a first date. Android and BlackBerry users wait two to three days on average.

Previous surveys have claimed that there are distinct personality differences between the users of various gadgets, with one concluding that iPad users are a particularly selfish bunch, and another that iPhone users get laid more often.

While none is particularly scientific, they’ll at least give you something to talk about after the meaningless sex.