AOC touts $300 flicker-free 3D monitor

I have always believed that more 3D video games and accessible content will help accelerate the adoption of the rapidly evolving medium in American living rooms. 

Fortunately, relevant 3D content is finally starting to go live, with some satellite services offering up 3D channels and pay per view movies. There are also more 3D games on the way.

But for the PC gamer out there looking to play some cool 3D titles right now, AOC is touting a new 3D monitor that measures a sweet 23-inches. 

Officially dubbed the e2352Phz, the display supports 16.7 million colors, boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, supports full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and includes integrated speakers.  

It is also flicker-free, uses FPR 3D tech to render bright/crisp images and connects to any computer running HDMI 1.4a.

Personally, I think one of the best things about AOC’s display is that it uses passive 3D glasses, which eliminates the need for bulky and expensive active 3D glasses. The passive glasses are polarized, and you might even be able to reuse theater glasses when you see 3D films. 

In any case, AOC ships the display with two pairs of passive glasses. If you want to use the display for 3D console gaming, you can do that as well, as the monitor works just fine with the PS3 and the Xbox 360.  

Brightness is rated at 250 cd/m2 and the panel response time is 5ms.

The AOC e2352Phz 3D monitor is currently available online at a $300 price point.