Report: iPad gaining popularity in corporate America

The portable device of choice for the corporate world has traditionally been the humble notebook or more powerful laptop. 

However, a new report by IDG titled “iPad for Business Survey” seems to indicate that Apple’s iPad is becoming more and more important to business users. 

According to a recent survey, the iPad has completely replaced the notebook as the portable device of choice for 12% of respondents.

Another 54% of  confirmed the iPad has partly replaced their laptops, and is used to supplement the first device while on the go.

“If a majority of professionals still use laptops, the iPad has certainly curtailed usage levels,” IDG confirmed. 

“Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that they ‘carry their laptop around less’ now that they own an iPad.”


Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the numbers are significantly lower when you look at the iPad replacing the stalwart PC – as only 6% say Apple’s tablet completely replaced their desktop, while 33% stated the iPad partly replaced their desktops.


“For most, the iPad isn’t a substitute for an existing tool or device,” the report read.

“Instead, it’s a supplement, albeit one with functionality that overlaps with other devices. As a result, the iPad seems to have carved out a niche for itself at the partial expense of several rival form factors.”


When it comes to how the respondents received their iPads in the business world, 75% of them purchased the iPads themselves; only 25% were given the iPad by their employer. 

Most of the respondents used the iPad for web surfing with 79% saying they always use the iPad for that task, 76% use it for reading, and 73% for news consumption, while 54% use the iPad for work communication. The survey also determined that 91% of the people that own an iPad take the device to work.