Check out the solar-powered Kindle charger

Amazon likes to talk about the power of the cloud, but here’s something that also takes advantage of the power of the sun.

A company called Solarfocus is debuting the first solar-powered Kindle charger at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

It acts as a case for the digital e-reader, and soaks in sunlight through the built-in solar panels, directly funneling power to the device. It’s called the SolarKindle.

Although Kindle owners rarely need to worry about their device’s battery life – it can literally go weeks between charges – this handy accessory can almost reduce the need for a wall outlet entirely.

After all, Amazon loves to brag about the fact that the Kindle works just fine if you take it to the beach or any other bright environment that would make most consumer electronic displays unreadable.

Solarfocus says the SolarKindle can provide as much as three days of reading time after just one hour of solar charge. The peripheral only works for the low-end, non-touch Kindle models and also is not compatible with the Kindle Fire.

The case will go on sale next week, January 15, for $79, or exactly the same price as the entry-level Kindle model.