Transformer Prime experiences user backlash

The hotly anticipated Transformer Prime is living up to its hype, but there are also a few things that have some consumers complaining.

First off, the device’s GPS seems to be faulty at best. Numerous users have posted messages about their tablet being unable to pick up a fine GPS signal at all.

In response, Asus is telling users to turn on the WiFi radio, which helps in boosting the wireless GPS signal. But that’s not the whole story – Asus has also removed all references to GPS functionality on the product’s official website.

So the manufacturer is obviously admitting that something isn’t quite right with the location functionality of the product.

That isn’t the only thing that has struck a nerve. Enthusiasts quickly found out that the Prime has a locked bootloader, making it nearly impossible to crack the security and tinker around with the device – something that other Android device manufacturers have allowed with no hesitation.

The Transformer Prime, with its quad-core processor and seamless “transformation” feature that allows users to easily turn it into a full featured keyboard-docked laptop, has garnered significant interest among high-end consumers.

But Asus is certainly not Sony or Samsung, and as a result has struggled to offer consistent inventory and does not have the resources to swiftly respond to these kinds of consumer complaints.