Galaxy S3 will be in 3D

Though 3D phones haven’t made a huge splash yet, Samsung is hoping that will change in its next evolution of the Galaxy brand.

The “Galaxy S” moniker from Samsung has come to represent the finest that the company has to offer in the mobile space. Its most recent, the Galaxy S II, has gained nearly universal praise and is leading many to question what could be next.

According to a new BGR report, it will have a monster list of specs, including a quad-core processor and a display that has the same kind of power as a mid-end HDTV. It’ll also reportedly have Android Ice Cream Sandwich built in.

But the biggest detail is that it will have a 3D screen.

So far 3D phones, which use the same kind of glasses-free 3D technology as Nintendo’s 3DS handheld (which also hasn’t struck a huge chord with consumers), have included the Sprint HTC Evo 3D and the AT&T LG Optimus 3D. Neither has been a breakout success.

But the Galaxy S name is so strong that it will force consumers to take a second look at mobile 3D. There is a surprising amount of content, including 3D mobile games and streaming video, but the push right now is to encourage users to create their own content and to make 3D a new universal format for home movies and the like.

The Galaxy S3 is reportedly due to be unveiled in February, at the Mobile World Congress trade show. Expect that to be one of the biggest stories at the entire show.