Acer: No plans to leave tablet market

Although it hasn’t really made a dent in the competitive tablet market yet, Acer does not plan on giving up.

Company founder Stan Shih stepped forward to confirm this after there had been circulating reports claiming Acer would step out and focus exclusively on its low-cost laptops.

Digitimes reports that Acer’s board of directors has met to discuss simplifying the company’s product line, and perhaps the idea of nixing tablets was on the table at some point, but such a decision has clearly not been approved.

Acer has tried to break into the market with its Iconia tablets, which are priced only slightly below the iPad and run on Android Honeycomb, though there has been a lack of apps to make any Honeycomb tablet appealing to the mass market.

The Iconia has made some inroads, however, as it is available at Gamestop stores across the country. Acer believes it can continue to grow momentum, but it might be a tough road ahead.

The company will adjust its tablet strategy, and if these “adjustments lead to success, Acer will expand tablet PC and smartphone business operations,” Digitimes reported.