Samsung reportedly rethinking Galaxy S upgrades

Just one business day after it was announced that Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones wouldn’t be getting the latest version of Android, the company is having second thoughts.

In spite of the fact that the announcement came two days before Christmas – when most people have more important things on their mind – the news angered a lot of Samsung phone owners, especially those who were still under contract with their Galaxy S device. They aren’t that old, after all.

According to a report from Korean news outlet ajnews, Samsung is now backpeddling and looking into potential ways to bring the latest Android software to the millions of devices.

Samsung hasn’t exactly garnered a huge following among those with Android upgrade ambitions. The company came under heavy scrutiny during the last major update, after unofficial sources claimed to have heard that Samsung purposefully blocked updates from qualified smartphones for the sole purpose of making customers buy new phones.

Samsung denied those reports, but still, blocking off Android 4.0 from one of its most successful product lines isn’t exactly winning over any fans.

The news also affects the manufacturer’s Galaxy Tab products, which were also supposedly unable to get Android 4.0 updates but are now getting a second look.

Samsung has not officially commented on these latest reports.