Apple yanks app for fake IDs

Apple has revoked a two-year-old app that allowed people to create fake (and ridiculous) Driver Licenses, after facing pressure from a Pennsylvania Senator.

Sen. Bob Casey (D) teamed with the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License to push Apple to take down the app, simply called Driver License.

The app contained templates for Driver Licenses from all 50 states and allowed users to place their own pictures and print them out. The whole idea was obviously to make an app that people could have fun with.

But Casey contended that users could print out the image, laminate it, and present it as a legitimate ID.

The app publisher,, vehemently opposes the decision and blasted the criticisms as ridiculous, in part because the images produced by the app are so low in quality, no one could possibly mistake it for a real ID.

In addition, the license templates in the app “deliberately do not correspond to government-issued IDs.” They “incorporate obvious layout differences, font and color discrepancies, and the words ‘MOCK by’ in proximity to the word ‘license.'”

“We hope that in light of these facts Apple will take one more look at the Driver License app,” it pleaded.

But is facing three of the most stubborn and ill-informed segments of the US population – government officials, advocacy groups, and the Apple app moderation team. So good luck with that.