Nokia to debut first US Windows Phone tonight

After gaining a good deal of traction in Europe, Nokia is now ready to unveil its flagship Windows Phone-powered product to the States.

T-Mobile and Nokia have sent out invitations to a media event in New York City tonight. Although Microsoft and Windows Phone are not specifically mentioned in the invitation, there can’t possibly be any other explanation as to why Nokia would be headlining a mobile event in the US.

This could be a significant boost to T-Mobile, which has struggled to stay ahead in the Android and iPhone game, despite being the first carrier to offer an Android phone.

And of course, for Nokia, there is nowhere to go but up in the US, where it used to have a stranglehold on the mobile market but now barely has any presence at all.

This event will also go a long way for T-Mobile to prove, at least for now, it still has its own identity and is not just resting in the shadows while AT&T tries to settle its buyout of the carrier.

On the flip side, we’re talking about Windows Phone, which has failed to gain a whole lot of enthusiasm in the US, and we’re talking about T-Mobile, which hasn’t garnered anywhere near the level of buzz in the smartphone era as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. So this endeavor could fall flat on its face.

Only time will tell. TG Daily will be at tonight’s event and will have a complete report tomorrow morning.