B&N updates Nook Color for Netflix and more

The Nook Color is becoming much less of an e-reader and much more like a fully functional Android tablet, thanks to a major software update that was just released.

Barnes & Noble is calling it the biggest upgrade yet for the touchscreen device, and perhaps the most noteworthy addition is support for the Netflix Android app. Users can now stream TV shows and movies from the gadget.

In addition, the retailer struck a deal to offer a whole bunch of comics and graphic novels.

It even boldly declares that the Nook now has the “largest digital collection of Marvel’s graphic novels available through a third party – including Halo Uprising and other Marvel greats like Ultimate Spider-Man, The Astonishing X-Men, and Hulk: Planet Hulk, among others.”

Among the other updates are a feature called PagePerfect, which is designed to make content-rich e-reading material like cookbooks and art books stay true to their original presentation and pop out better on the digital display.

The interface has also received an overhaul and a few new social connectivity integrations are stuck into the menus, along with a more fluid set of touch-sensitive motion controls.

Existing Nook Color users will be prompted to download the update over the coming weeks. The download itself takes under five minutes.