Video: Kindle Fire eats an Ice Cream Sandwich

An XDA-Dev member has managed to install Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

Unsurprisingly, the early hack is incomplete thus far, as it lacks support for audio, Wi-Fi, accelerometer and the light sensor.

XDA-Dev member g1011999 says he’ll release the kernel codes and Android source after “cleaning up.”

Yes, the initial hack still has a ways to go with only the touch panel and hardware graphics working, but it’s a definite start for ICS on the Kindle Fire.  

As PC World’s Jared Newman points out, hackers and modders have taken a keen interest in Amazon’s Kindle Fire since the tablet hit the market, due to its affordability ($200 price tag), dual-core processor and overall popularity.

The tablet was rooted almost immediately after its launch, allowing eager users to install the Android Market and end their dependency on Amazon’s limited App Store.