Dell kills the Streak

For Dell, the fun of Streaking is over. It looks like the company was just not able to sell consumers on the “Streak” tablet brand.

In a sudden, unexpected move, the product page on for the most recent Streak, a 7-inch Android powered device, was replaced with the following message:

“Streak 7 is no longer available online, but you can browse our other mobile devices for similar products.”

Dell’s short history in the mobile space hasn’t exactly been as much of a success story as the company’s other ventures. Currently, it offers smartphones with both Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems, but very few people are even aware that Dell is a phone manufacturer.

The Streak 7’s fate was already seemingly decided, but the Kindle Fire may have put the final nail in the coffin. The 7-inch tablet space is not highly competitive, and the Kindle Fire is most likely poised to dominate that niche space.

So for Dell, there was little hope of survival. The company has not issued a statement on why it discontinued the Streak, or if the Streak name will continue to live on.

Our guess, though, is that Dell will move on to either Windows 8-powered tablets or simply focus on expanding its smartphone presence for the time being. Because as expected, Amazon is making the Android tablet game a bit less fun for others than it used to be.