6 Ways to Free up Mobile Phone Storage

Nowadays, the sizes of apps, photos, and even videos are getting larger. They quickly fill up your memory space. You wanted to add more media files but low storage hampers it. Is your microSD card not enough? The less space you have, the more time you’ll have to spend managing your internal storage. Here are some ways on how to reclaim your storage space.

Check your storage usage

The best way to begin freeing up your storage space on Android is to know what exactly is taking up so much space in the first place. Take some time to do a little investigation before you make any swift decisions. Go to your phone’s settings and carefully examine what are the apps and processes that use too much of your phone’s storage. Inspect your folders because maybe there are a lot of boatload files you may not need.

Clear cache files

Many apps use stored or cached data to give you a better user experience. Cached data can save a little time but the files stored in app caches are for convenience and are not strictly necessary. If you need to clear up space on your phone quickly, the app cache is the first place you should look. If these cache data and junk files are piled up, it will consume so much of your memory. Clear them on a regular basis to save memory.

Delete your downloads

Your smartphone has a download folder where everything you download – music, videos, documents and other files, are stored. You have to know that most of the files in your download folder are not the actual files you’re particularly attached to. So you should be able to free up some storage space by deleting these unnecessary files permanently.

Move apps to the microSD card

MicroSD cards are alternative storage space for your Android devices. Mobile applications probably consume most of the storage space on your phone. So if you got yourself a phone that lets you add microSD card, it gives you extra storage. By default, installed applications are stored in the phone’s internal storage. You can move these applications and other files in your microSD card to save memory space.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

One of the reasons why you invest much of your time in your android phone is because users are fond of downloading and installing applications. Games are ruling out in most android devices. Even social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are flooding in your home screen. There are also applications rarely used and not used at all. It devours your storage. Better uninstall them if not needed. It’s just a waste of space.

Remove large videos and clean up your playlists

Maybe you’re fond of downloading movies with large file size and packing up your playlist with lots of music because your call yourself a music lover. You could not have just imagine how these movies and albums are taking much of your space. It’s best to delete some and let go of them.

These are just basic ways that should help you get a handle of your space storage issues. There are a lot out there. Full phone storage could lead to some technical problems. It might end up to phone repair. Take some tips above to avoid any complication. Make sure you maximize and manage your space storage for better services. If you are an apple user don’t worry, click here to know more about IPhone repair.