6 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2020

Choosing a press release distribution service is a tedious task in 2020. There are hundreds of choices. Therefore, we’ll cover the best press release services to make it easier for you!

What is a press release distribution?

If you’re a business owner looking to spread your words about your brand, or business, press releases are the way to go!

First, you need to know what a press release distribution is before you choose one.

Press release distribution is simply an operation to spread and deliver your press release to journalists, and press members. The main purpose of this procedure is to get media coverage, think of it as a marketing tool, in this way your content whatever it may be (services, products, information about your business…) is shown to a broad audience, which eventually boosts your business’s reach and sales.

3 Reasons Why You Need Press Release Distribution

Are you not sure why you need press release distribution? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider it:

Press Release Distribution Provides Reach

Press release distribution is a great marketing tool.  If you’re looking for more clients, or warming up those cold audiences, this would be ideal for you, as press release provides large exposure via publishing in various media outlets (this depends on the PR agency you’re hiring more in that later)

Rank Up on Google

SEO is crucial for any business, instead of spending all the money on ads, if your press release is well written and engaged with, you may find it ranking on top Google pages, which will drive a ton of free organic traffic for your business. 

Become an Authority 

When people see your press release on a trusted, or famous, media outlet (Fox for example) they’ll trust you, and perceive you as an expert, and an authority. You won’t get exposure only, but also you’ll become trustworthy, which is a major factor that affects your business integrity. 

Best Press Release Distribution Providers in 2020

Now since you know what press release distribution is, and why you need it, here is a list of the best 6 PR agencies ready for you to choose from.

1. PR Distribution™

PR Distribution™ is the ideal press release distribution provider for any business or organization.

Why choose PR Distribution™?

  • Affordable prices, plans start at $49 only
  • They publish in media giants such as FOX, ABC, and CBS
  • PR Distribution™ gives unlimited word count (a huge factor which determines the success of your press release)
  • Various multimedia embedding 
  • A huge checklist of options 

PR Distribution™ is one of the most reliable choices for any business regardless of its size, highly recommended.

2. eReleases

eReleases is a great option for small businesses who do not have a high budget.

Why choose eReleases?

  • Decent pricing (plans start from $299)
  • They provide wide reach
  • They provide you with useful reports which makes it easy to analyze your press release overall performance
  • Online engagement interactions
  • Proofreading

eReleases makes it easier for you to reach your potential audience don’t forget to check it out.

3. Business Wire

Next on the list is the antique Business Wire, which is a Berkshire Hathaway company, founded in 1961, it has 100K media outlets and 22 worldwide offices.

Why choose Business Wire?

  • Distribution through industry’s only patented network
  • Up-to-date web formatting
  • Free social media share links for online readers

Business Wire is a trusted news source with 219 industry categories that suits any business. 

4. PR Underground

PR Underground also fits small businesses seeking large audiences and exposure.

Why choose PR Underground?

  • Plans start from $49.99 (one post on DigitalJournal.com)  you need to pay more for more posts and services
  • The $129 plans covers 375 media outlets
  • They offer SEO optimization 

5. PR Newswire

If you are targeting specific audiences, let us say men between 25 and 40 suffering from hair loss, then PR Newswire is for you.

Why choose PR Newswire?

  • Finds for your ideal target audience 
  • Plans start from $350
  • They deal with famous media outlets such as New York Times, and Buzzfeed
  • They offer in-depth reports

PR Newswire’s database is massive; this is why they’re great at finding the ideal target market you’re seeking.

6. 24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release provides amazing services for reasonable prices; it’s a decent choice for small businesses also.

Why choose  24-7 Press Release?

  • Affordable prices starting from $69
  • The premium package distributes your press release to 4500+ websites and media outlets
  • They provide translation to some languages

24-7 Press Release focuses on small markets; however, their services are worth the investment if they suit you.


Press release distribution is one of the most efficient ways to popularize your business, become trustworthy, and a face of authority! After reviewing a list of service providers, we have concluded that PR Distribution™  is the best choice for most businesses and organizations.

Remember, each PR distribution service can serve your needs in a variety of ways, now since you know the best press release distribution providers, what is your choice? Are you ready to start your press release journey?