Another iPhone spontaneously combusts

After hearing about an iPhone that randomly caught fire on board an Australian flight earlier this week, it seems another iPhone owner got a case of combustion envy.

Or, the more likely scenario is that this is just another freak occurrence.

A woman in Brazil has reportedly also experienced the great wonder of his iPhone spontaneously exploding right next to her.

Ayla Mota was sleeping peacefully in her home when she was suddenly awoken by smoke and a burning smell. It turns out her iPhone, which was charging right next to her bed, exploded in the middle of the night. A picture of the device was posted to

As with the Australian flight craziness, the issue here seems to be with the battery. Of course, that case was much more sensationalistic because it happened in the middle of the sky, but in both incidents no one was seriously injured.

Exploding electronics are nothing new, though they can lead to significant financial problems for the companies involved if it requires a recall or lawsuit.

While these instances of exploding iPhone batteries are far from widespread, one would hope that Apple will issue a statement at some point. So far the company has not responded to questions about either incident.