LG phone buyers get free cloud storage

If you own an Android-powered LG phone, congratulations – 50 GB of cloud storage is yours, courtesy of Box.com.

The mobile manufacturer has teamed up with the online file-storing service in an effort to get a differentiating advantage over other Android phone makers.

It’s also an opportunity for Box, which offers 50 GB of free storage to iPhone and iPad owners as well, to strengthen its brand.

“Android mobile adoption is growing at an unprecedented rate and by working with LG, we are bringing the full power of the cloud to those users. To take full advantage of mobile computing, it is essential that users never have to worry about storage limitations, and we believe that LG’s efforts combined with the capabilities of Box will be a turning point for both the mobile device and cloud storage categories,” said Box CEO Aaron Levie in a statement.

Corresponding with the LG announcement, Box has also just updated its Android app, making it easier for users to move files between their device and the cloud, and even offering the ability to access some cloud-stored files while offline.

“The Cloud” is certainly one of the biggest trends right now and will only continue to be a talking point as mobile devices become more ubiquitous. Amazon’s new Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet places a heavy emphasis on cloud solutions, giving users access to its own Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player, and streaming video services.

Box is a player in a growing but increasingly competitive market. It’ll be interesting to see how the LG partnership affects its standing.