Apple teases Black Friday deals

Apple has put up a number of teaser pages advertising a “one-day shopping event” on Black Friday. 

In keeping with tradition, Cupertino declined to reveal in advance how much of a discount the Apple faithful can expect this Friday, saying only that customers will discover “amazing iPad, iPod and Mac gifts.”

Fortunately, a “trusted tipster” told 9to5Mac that Apple will be offering its Macs for $101 less (base level MacBook Air at $898), while iPads will be offloaded with $41-$61 discounts depending on capacity and the iPod touch given a $21-$41 discount.

As you may recall, Apple’s Black Friday deals last year were similarly modest, with the company knocking off $101 for iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air systems.

$41 was slashed from the wildly popular iPad, $21 from iPod Touches and $11 off the iPod nano.

Other peripheral deals included minor discounts on wireless base stations, keyboards, Magic Trackpads and the Magic Mouse.

However, as AppleInsider’s Josh Ong notes, third-party retailers typically undercut Apple promotions with their own discounts, such as $45 off the iPad 2 and $150 off iMacs and MacBook Pros – all courtesy of Best Buy – which is also selling the Apple TV for a cool $90 and a $100 iTunes cards for just $80.