Video: Transformer Prime runs Ice Cream Sandwich

Nvidia has loaded up a Tegra 3-powered ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime with all the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) goodness it can handle.

The upcoming Prime is featured in a video that showcases the slick ICS UI, as well as the tablet’s raw horsepower and video playback capabilities.

In contrast to the first iteration of Honeycomb (3.0) which many considered half-baked, Google seems to have done a great job with Android 4.0 ICS – making the platform open to the ecosystem and easy to develop on.

“[Of course] this is just an early demo, but we think you’ll agree it’s extremely impressive that so much is already working well,” Nvidia rep Will Park wrote in a blog post. 

“Thanks to Google’s developer support, Nvidia’s experienced software team was able to work with Asus to quickly bring up ICS on the Transformer Prime…  [So be sure to] check out the flawless 1080p video playback and quick demo of the quad-core optimized Riptide GP game in the video.”