Android activations reach 200 million

The number of Android devices that have been activated has doubled in just six months.

That’s an even more impressive statement when you realize that six months ago, there were already a whopping 100 million Android activations.

That little nugget of statistical treasure was revealed on Wednesday, where it was understandably overshadowed by the announcement of Google’s new digital music platform.

The company also revealed that around 550,000 new Android handsets are being activated every day. That’s almost uncharted growth for a software platform that didn’t even exist three years ago.

In typical Google fashion, these numbers only continue to grow and astound. When the company announced two years ago that Android activations were averaging 60,000 a day, we all thought that was pretty impressive. And it has just continued to shatter numbers like that on a regular basis.

Android is the leading smartphone platform in the world, capturing a majority of the market. Until now, no one has managed to grab more than 50% of smartphone customers since the days when few people understood what “smartphone” actually meant.

With this kind of momentum, it’s hard to see how Android would not just keep growing and dominating the market. Of course, the giant elephant in the room is Windows Phone. After struggling to attain a strong spot in the industry, its newly consummated partnership with Nokia could lift its presence next year.

For now, though, Android is king and there is no dethroning in sight.