Apple battery ‘fix’ leaves users unsatisfied

As promised, Apple’s released iOS 5.0.1, the update designed to fix the battery problems many users have been experiencing with the new iPhone 4S.

The bug showed up – though not for everybody – immediately after the release of the iOS 5 operating system. Users found their phones losing power at an alarming rate, even when they weren’t being used.

The company acknowledged the existence of several bugs, and promised that this latest update would fix them.

The problem is, though, that for many users the fix doesn’t appear to be working, with dozens of customers on the company’s support forum saying their battery life is just as bad as ever.

“Installed the new IOS 5.0.1 two hours ago.  I started a test at 1:30 CT today,” says one. “5% battery drain in 45 minutes with WIFI and location services turned on and me not touching the Iphone 4S.  The new update doesn’t seem to help much.”

Indeed, many people are complaining that the update has actually made matters worse. “I was one of the lucky ones getting two days out of a charge, albeit with a lot shut off,” says one.  “After updating I am seeing my power drain at a much quicker rate. Nice.”

“Updated to 5.0.1 last night and my battery life seems even worse than before! My phone dropped by 4% overnight in flight mode! I have had it out of flight mode since 6.30am (at which time the battery was at 51%), and its now 8.30am and its down to 35%. This is with absolutely no usage – just standby on my desk!,” says another.

“And all settings are still off, siri raise to speak, location services off, bluetooth off, no push email etc etc. I now think I’m going to have to return my iphone and go with another brand as it’s getting a bit too ridiculous now.”

On the plus side, though, the update reportedly closes the security loophole discovered by Charlie Miller that cost him his developer’s licence.