Verizon doubles 4G data caps

In a rare case of a mobile service provider actually giving consumers more for their money, Verizon is set to offer an irresistible promotion.

Apparently, the carrier will let anyone who currently has a capped data plan have the ability to double their monthly allowance at no extra charge.

So if you currently have a $50 monthly plan for 5 GB of data, through the promotion you’ll be able to get 10 GB for the same $50.

The catch is that only customers who are savvy enough to know about the promotion will be able to take advantage of it. You’ll need to specifically opt in to the offer.

What’s unclear is if you get to stay locked into the new data rate or if this is a limited time deal, but it all supposedly ties into the Droid Razr, which launches this week and is poised to be one of Verizon’s most popular phones since the original Droid.

Of course, many Verizon customers are still locked into their unlimited data plans, something the company no longer offers new subscribers. This is a nice way to show that Verizon actually cares about those who aren’t lucky enough to have a grandfathered-in unlimited plan.

Of course, unlimited data is on the way out. Even Sprint, which was a champion of unlimited plans after all the other carriers switched to tiered structures, has announced plans to cut unlimited data on some 4G devices.