Speculation begins about new Kindle Fire

Amazon’s widely hyped flagship Android tablet hasn’t even gone on sale yet, and already details are starting to come in about what might be the next iteration of the Kindle Fire.

The hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for Amazon’s first fully functional color tablet device will begin shipping out within the next couple weeks. It’s easily poised to become one of the hottest holiday gifts this year.

The Kindle Fire sports a 7-inch display, which puts it in line with Research in Motion’s Blackberry Playbook tablet as well as the smallest version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

However, it’s definitely a different product class than the iPad, which has a 10-inch display, the accepted standard for full-size tablets.

But Amazon will quickly introduce a bigger version of the Kindle Fire that could be a more direct threat to the iPad and other large tablets, according to rumors.

Slashgear reports that suppliers are receiving orders from Amazon for 8.9-inch LCD displays, likely for the new version of the Kindle Fire.

For now, though, it’s all about the 7-inch model, which will begin shipping on November 15. This could be the Android tablet everyone has been waiting for.