Report: Apple TV selfishly blocking Hulu Plus

It’s being reported that a Hulu Plus app has been primed and ready to go on Apple TV for a month, but Apple is worried that people would actually use it.

According to sources cited by, Apple is concerned that bringing the Hulu Plus app to its set-top box hardware would pose a big threat to its own proprietary iTunes video streaming.

The publication says that an Apple TV Hulu Plus app already exists, but rather than push it out and let users actually decide what service they want to use, the company is putting the app on hold.

A Netflix app is already fully up and running on Apple TV, and probably poses a bigger threat to the iTunes digital video library than Hulu Plus. But perhaps Hulu subscriptions aren’t as widespread as Netflix, making it easier to pull the wool over users’ eyes.

In addition, iTunes likes to boast offering more current TV content, a market that is arguably dominated by Hulu. Hulu often brings TV shows to its service less than 24 hours after they air live on broadcast channels.

Hulu Plus is currently available on several TV devices, including the Roku, Blu-ray players, Internet-connected TVs, and game consoles. Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii systems are the newest to announce support in the near future.

Curiously, the iPad and iPhone also have Hulu Plus apps. They must be getting traction for Apple to be so worried about offering it on the Apple TV and actually giving consumers a choice.