Siri comes to iPhone 4

Apple fans who have been slobbering over the amazing voice technology known as Siri but who don’t have enough cash to upgrade their iPhone 4 can now rejoice.

Though not official, it looks like Siri can be executed successfully on the last generation iPhone device. Over the weekend, hackers Steve Troughton-Smith and Grant Paul managed to port the supposedly iPhone 4S-exclusive app to its predecessor.

PC World quoted Troughton-Smith as saying, “It works just as well as the iPhone 4S, and I’ve seen it work even faster than it at times.”

The only limitation comes with Siri’s “raise to speak” feature, which requires the improved iPhone 4S gyroscope to enable the voice-powered app when users raise the phone to their ear.

The ported app isn’t yet widely available, even among the underground channels. There’s still some fine tuning to make sure everything is well oiled, but this could be promising to those who still have a year or more on their existing iPhone 4 contract before they even get the chance to upgrade and experience Siri.

It’s unclear if Apple will eventually bring official Siri support to previous versions of the iPhone, but that’s probably an unlikely scenario.

But as long as there are people like Troughton-Smith, anything is possible.