Apple reportedly planning Siri-powered TV

Imagine a TV that is not only seamlessly controlled by your voice but also has a sharp wit and comments on your TV habits.

That is what we imagine a television set powered by Apple’s Siri voice control would be like. And it’s apparently a possibility.

According to sources cited in a New York Times report, Apple has been planning on creating its own TV since as far back as 2007. Of course, the company’s attempts so far in trying to reach the all important living room gadget have been less than successful.

Apple’s first Apple TV set-top box was one of the company’s biggest flops, though it has been making inroads with the new model.

There is now growing speculation that a new Apple-branded TV set might be powered completely by voice commands. This after a Steve Jobs quotation surfaced in Walter Isaacson’s new biography, where he said a TV with “the simplest user interface you could imagine” was in the planning stages.

Imagine saying “Watch CNN” from your couch. Not only will the TV tune to the correctly channel but you might hear a voice saying “Ah, ready for the presidential debate tonight?” That’s just a complete pipe dream of an idea that we’re making up, but after seeing Siri in action on the iPhone 4S, nothing would surprise us.

According to the report, such a TV might be ready for production by 2013. We can’t wait to see how it might revolutionize the still-stagnant TV set industry.