70% of enterprise Blackberry users don’t want to switch

The majority of people who own a company Blackberry may not have the desire or ability to switch to an iPhone or Android phone, but there’s a growing group that does.

Last month, the Enterprise Management Associates organization polled employees who use a smartphone at companies with more than 10,000 workers.

It found that 11% of those who use a Blackberry are “completely dissatisfied” with their phone, and a total of 30% want to switch to a new platform.

That number may seem okay, until you compare it to the other smartphone platforms. Of those who use an Android phone for work, 100% are satisfied.

In addition, 98% of enterprise iPhone owners are happy with the way it works for their job.

Also, as a side note, this survey was conducted before the sweeping Blackberry outage earlier this month.

After taking that into consideration, “I suspect the 30% [dissatisfaction rate] is even higher. User satisfaction with Blackberry is by far the lowest of smartphones. A huge number are dissatisfied,” said Enterprise Management Associates analyst Steven Brasen in a statement quoted by Computerworld.

Indeed, Blackberry’s market share has fallen through the basement, dropping double digits over the last year after several years of consistent growth. The company had a “too big to fail” mentality and always assumed that in a worst case scenario, it always had enterprise customers in its back pocket.

Once reality caught up with it, it was too late. Research in Motion has been scrambling to create a next-generation mobile platform and even though it might have finally done it now, it’s probably too little too late.