Netflix Android support grows, includes tablets

For the first time, owners of tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android Honeycomb, will finally be able to stream Netflix content on their device.

The support comes from a sweeping update to the official Netflix app on the Android Market. “I’m excited to bring Netflix to even more Android devices. Netflix members now have even greater flexibility in watching TV episodes and movies wherever and whenever they want,” said Netflix director of product management Roma De in a statement.

The state of Netflix on Android has been a tricky one from the start. When it first launched, only a handful of seemingly random handsets were supported. Some conjectured that developers only tested the app on phones that their employees happened to own.

Through the months that followed, new phones have been added to the list in a very broken and disjointed manner, leaving still no rhyme or reason as to the devices that support it and those that don’t.

The issue and confusion led someone to create a malicious Netflix app that tried to steal user login information.

Nevertheless, the online video company has in fact continued to roll out new updates to the app, and at this point dozens of handsets and tablets are able to run movies and TV shows with no issue.

Meanwhile, the Netflix app that was released for iPhones and iPads long before there was any Android app at all, continues to function just fine.