US adults snub mobile apps

Did you know that only 24% percent of American adults who own smartphones run mobile apps?

Indeed, a recent survey conducted by Pew seems to indicate that the majority of adults who have apps on their phones – particularly older individuals – refuse to use them.

“An apps culture is clearly emerging among some cell phone users, [specifically] men and young adults,” explained Pew spokesperson Kristen Purcell.

“Still, it is clear that this is the early stage of adoption when many cell owners do not know what their phone can do. The apps market seems somewhat ahead of a majority of adult cell phone users.”

Purcell also noted that compared to other cell phone use, the apps user population skewed male, with a younger, more affluent and educated demographic.

“[Nevertheless], apps use still ranks relatively low when compared with other non-voice cell phone activities. 

“[For example], taking pictures and texting are far and away the most popular non-voice cell phone data applications, with more than seven-in-10 adult cell phone users embracing these features of their phones.”

Meanwhile, Nielsen spokesperson Roger Entner emphasized that even the current adoption rate of 24% was impressive.

“This is a pretty remarkable tech-adoption story, if you consider that there was no apps culture until two years ago.

“Every metric we capture shows a widening embrace of all kinds of apps by a widening population.

“[Yes], it’s too early to say what this will eventually amount to, but not too early to say that this is an important new part of the technology world of many Americans.”