Windows 7 Asus Phone spotted in Pakistan

A sleek Windows 7 prototype phone apparently manufactured by Asus has been spotted in Pakistan.

Although details are scarce, it appears as if the device may be a production prototype that is currently being field tested.

As Brandon Miniman of PocketNow notes, the phone is markedly different than circulating LG Panther and Samsung Taylor handsets which are designated as development devices for Windows 7.

Only one picture of the Asus prototype has hit the ‘Net thus far, but Miniman believes the handset includes a front-facing camera, or perhaps a light-sensor.

It should be noted that Microsoft began distributing Windows 7 Phone prototypes to its employees in July.

“Pick up the phone, turn it on, download mail, get directions, make calls, find friends…In short USE IT,” Microsoft’s Andy Lees wrote in purported internal e-mail.

“We’ve [also] introduced a new employee developer program which makes it much easier for you to develop apps for Marketplace in your spare time. And if you need some help jumpstarting your development, check out the Windows Phone Developer Training Kit.”