Do developers prefer Android or Apple?

Do developers prefer working with Android’s open ecosystem, or are they more interested in submitting programs to Apple’s lucrative app store?

Well, a recent survey conducted by Appcelerator confirms that most developers see Apple dominating in “every category” related to its devices and app store.

Yet, Android takes top honors for OS capabilities, openness and long-term outlook. 

“Despite all of Apple’s success, developers see that the winner long-term will be the mobile operating system that has the most capabilities and flexibility in scenarios beyond phones,” explained Appcelerator spokesperson Scott Schwarzhoff.

“Apple and Google are now playing chess while everyone else plays catch up. The surge in popularity for developing tablet applications on the two leading OSes, coupled with second tier platforms seeing flat to declining interest, suggests that Google and Apple are moving the battle from phones to a broader, more long-term platform shootout for ‘anywhere computing.'”

Meanwhile, Sprint Nextel VP David Owens told BusinessWeek that the current rivalry between the two industry heavyweights evoked images of the fierce Microsoft VS. Apple battle of the late 1980s and early 90’s.

“Now you get the Microsoft-Apple war in PCs on the mobile device [front]…People know Android is from Google. That market knowledge has translated into consumer interest.”