5 Ways To Improve Your Work Environment

Working day in, day out can take its toll if you are working in an environment that isn’t right for you. Office environments can tend to be lacking in natural light, fresh air and positivity which is never good for our mental health.

Instead of suffering in silence or seeing your staff declining away from their work, it is time to take action and improve your work environment.

Far from organising a bouncy castle to be delivered to the office, a thousand pizzas or a gallon of wine; it is time to look at 5 ways to effectively improve your working environment:

1-Re-Fit The Office

If it is your employees that are looking less than happy at work and struggling to be motivated then you could consider an office refurbishment. This might sound like a drastic measure but office refurbishments from a company like Egan Reid can brighten, expand and reinvent your office space.

You might not realise it but a huge part of keeping the office moral high is creating a great environment for people to work in. This means providing them with desks and chairs that offer support to their posture, space to work effectively and even be part of the team.

Egan Reid will be able to advise you on how to get the most out of your space as well as provide your staff with all they need to work successfully and stress free. This might include a break out area, a place to store personal belongings and chairs that can improve posture.

2-Bettering Communications

One way to instantly improve the office environment is with better communications between you and your staff. This can not only help you to voice any issues you might have with the office but also discuss a plan of action for how to improve it.

Improving the office in this way makes your staff feel they are being involved in any decisions being made about the office. It also can benefit you as your staff might have creative ideas you hadn’t already thought of that you can use to make a plan of action of what to do next.

3-Organise Some Office Activities Or Events

What better way to improve your staff’s mood and the office environment than with some activities or office parties. We have just had Valentine’s Day an event that you could have celebrated with heart shaped sweets, funny activities and something out of the ordinary.

It is as simple as celebrating peoples birthday’s, getting a cake and showing your staff or your fellow employees that you really care.

4-Brighten Your Space With Pot Plants

Not everyone is into having plants in the office but they really are a great addition to a busy office environment. Not only do they add colour and sometimes even a fresh scent, they can help people to feel they are not just working in a metal tin all day.

5-Cut Out The Clutter

If you have tried everything else and the office is still seeming like a place you would not want to work in then it is time for a de-clutter.

Ready for your office refurbishment remove any unnecessary extras lying around on the desks, any files or cabinets you don’t need and see how big your space looks after.

This might sound like a big pain but understanding that this can improve your office environment is the way to start. You could even add an office incentive whereby you ask the staff to tidy their desks and whoever’s has the biggest transformation gets a prize.

Just make sure not to clear everything off your desk because you might need some of it…like your computer.

With these 5 tips you should have an office environment worth working in, or at least something you don’t hate having to sit in from 9 until 5.