5 Ways Custom Kiosks can Change the Healthcare Sector

Previously, when anyone mentioned healthcare kiosks, they were referring to the dusty automated blood pressure machines that we have seen in drug stores for years. However, the new generation of these devices offer a completely different experience-one that can have a huge impact on the healthcare sector as a whole. These new healthcare kiosks are not just designed to check blood pressure; custom kiosks can be made for capturing height, weight and also demographic data like age. These kiosks can also be used for testing vision and for connecting to a live video conference with a doctor.

In addition, these healthcare kiosks can also quiz patients about the symptoms they are experiencing, help them in assessing if over-the-counter medication can be helpful and also prompt them to consult specialists about certain issues. Apart from that, there are various other ways that these custom kiosks can change the healthcare sector. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Help in reaching more and more people

One of the biggest perks of healthcare kiosks is that they have the potential of reaching people who might be unmotivated, undiagnosed or just not sick enough to warrant the need to have costly equipment at home. As compared to remote monitoring devices that have become quite popular, these custom kiosks are quite effective in engaging people who are curious, bored or not worried enough to visit a physician.

Serve as a simple call to action

A big problem with home monitoring is that patients are often unable to translate a reading directly into an action. In contrast, custom kiosks can be designed to instruct a patient to buy medication that might be available in the next aisle or can also connect them directly with a physician through a video link if the matter is serious. While these kiosks may not be powerful enough to convince people to make major lifestyle shifts, they can definitely encourage people in taking simple actions in the next few minutes.

Generate a new revenue stream

As these healthcare kiosks are handy for generating such a direct call to action, they have the potential to create a new revenue stream via advertising, something that tele-medicine and home monitoring are not able to offer. Indeed, custom kiosks are designed by Olea Kiosks Inc. and others that can be used for responsible advertising thereby generating more revenue.

Implement targeted marketing

There is a saying about advertising that half of the money spent on it is wasted. The problem is that it is difficult to figure out which half. In healthcare, most of the advertising money is wasted and wasting only half is regarded as a major improvement. It is difficult for marketers to reach pertinent consumers in the healthcare market because medical conditions mostly have an impact on a small portion of the population. With custom kiosks, marketers can actually change the equation through highly targeted audiences and profiles can also be built up for users who can then view these targeted messages when using the kiosks.

Balance out the competition

Even though kiosks are certainly not a new concept, the big names in the healthcare sector have still not targeted them. This presents a great opportunity to new entrants to take advantage of this concept. They can use custom kiosks for creating powerful marketing positions given factors such as the propensity of younger consumers favoring virtual interactions over live ones, shortage of physicians and the focus of pharmacies on driving traffic to their retail clinics.

These are some of the ways that custom kiosks have and are changing the healthcare sector.