5 Trends of Mobile App Development in 2017

Mobile technology in today’s world has made a huge change in customers’ needs and satisfaction. Without a smartphone, you could never imagine how we can live anymore. Just name anything from booking tickets, hotels, shopping, paying bills, booking a cab, making payments, gaming etc. everything is done on mobile with apps. The demand of mobile applications has been roofed like nothing. As people have understood the usage of apps the market has expanded exponentially.

Half of 2017 has passed and the growth as expected is still going strong, the trend in mobile app development will surely rise in the later half. Let’s see what trends will the last six months will carry for the app development in mobile space.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid technology app is just like another app you will find in the app store, it runs on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you can use it to play games or connect on social media or track your health or schedule your tasks etc. These apps have lots of capabilities and they access your camera, gallery, contact, messages and provide you multi solutions. Just like the native apps.

E-governance App

Everywhere around the world, Governments have made mobile apps to make them digitally connected for better governance. From health care to education and number of public service sectors mobile app development has been phenomenal and this will continue in years to come.

Enterprise Apps

Apps of enterprizes will also be in trend as they will be building automated billing systems, payment process, email marketing systems, ERP, content management, collaboration systems, messaging etc. Almost any Mobile app development company is moving towards cloud computing which makes probability of failures lesser than the previous on location services. All things online will make the trend of clouds supporting apps for enterprise even more.

GPS Powered Apps

Many GPS apps have been seen recently emerging in the app market and this trend will surely carry forward in the latter half of this year. Navigation in the form of maps, moving packages, tracking devices etc. will surely give rise to apps in this sector.

Messaging apps

All kind of messaging apps are working their way up and the famous chunk of these apps are getting better and better. Still new apps will come and change the way you communicate. Right now, WhatsApp, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber etc. have given all reasons to develop more apps that ease the communication channels.

Mobile Payment Apps

Digital payment systems, wallets are certainly made it easy to pay and receive payments in 2016 and 2017. More of these apps are coming and they will be surely make new systems to make it easy for everyone. These apps are providing lots of new ways you can use your mobile devices and app developers surely will cherish the new type of things mobile can do.

All these trends in mobile app development will make a mark in the last six months of 2017. What do you think? Which one of these will remain popular and which will fade towards the end of 2017. Let us know your thoughts, we are excited to see your comments on the above trends.

And if we have left any trend that’s not on the list, do give your suggestions in the upcoming trends of app development in mobile space.