5 Tips to Prepare Your iPhone for the Holidays

Are you going to make a trip soon? Do you already have tickets, hotel reservations and suitcases ready? Have you prepared your iPhone for the trip? If you answered yes to the first two questions and not the third, what we have to tell you is very interesting. In the following lines you can find 10 tips or tips to prepare your iPhone for any type of trip.

These are tips that can be useful for anyone, whatever their destination, as they are designed to avoid problems with the smartphone, protect against possible losses or theft, improve privacy and also to avoid running out of storage space or data in the worst moment.

1. Make a backup

We always recommend this and before making a trip we think it is even more important. Thanks to the backup you can recover all the data stored on your device in case of loss or theft, so it is very important that you do it before leaving home.

In addition, it does not hurt either to keep the automatic backup of iCloud active. This way, the phone will make a backup copy whenever it is connected to a Wi-Fi network and to the electric current. Thanks to this your data will always be in the Apple cloud and in case of loss, theft or other type of disaster you will not lose any of your data; including photos and videos of the trip you were doing at that time.

2. Active Search my iPhone

It is an option that should always be active on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as it is completely free and can be of great help in case of theft or loss of the device.

Thanks to Search my iPhone it is possible to locate on a map the exact location of the device (as long as it has an Internet connection) and thus increase the chances of recovering it.

This feature is activated from Settings – Apple ID (the first option in the menu) – iCloud – Search for my iPhone and placing the Search for my iPhone option in the on position.

The only requirement to be able to use this function is to have an iCloud account configured in the device, since otherwise it is not possible to access the function provided by the Apple cloud.

3. Disable data roaming

If you are going to change countries during your holidays and do not have a rate that includes roaming, it is advisable that you deactivate it to avoid scars in the next bill from your telephone company.

To do this, access Settings – Mobile Data – Options and deactivate the option data roaming. This way the device will not have access to the mobile data connection outside of your home country.

If your data rate includes roaming in the country to which you are going to travel you can skip this point and the same in case you buy a SIM card from a local operator to have data the time you are traveling.

4. Free all possible storage space

Nobody likes to run out of storage space on their iPhone, much less during a trip. That is why we advise you to eliminate as much as possible of the device before traveling, in order to maximize the space available.

Pass the photos and videos to your computer and remove them from the iPhone, uninstall the apps that are not essential during the holidays, delete the music you are not going to listen to (or all and use streaming music services to not take up storage space). In short, get rid of everything that is not essential for the holidays and so you can save more memories in the form of videos and photographs.

5. Use music streaming services

If you cannot consider traveling without music, sign up for a streaming music service. For example Apple Music offers a trial period of three months and thanks to it you can access a virtually unlimited music catalog on your iPhone from anywhere.

In this way you will avoid having to select what music to take to the trip and, in addition, you will save storage space as I commented in the previous point.

With Apple Music, Spotify and similar services you can listen to all the music you want through streaming via WiFi or mobile data and also synchronize the songs / albums you want to listen without the need of an Internet connection.

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