5 Things to Look for in 2018’s Laptops

2018 is just around the corner. And, if you were able to remain patient this Black Friday season and refrain from purchasing your loved one (or even yourself!) a brand new laptop, in hopes that the New Year will bring even bigger and better, keep reading.

Technology never ceases to slow down. And when it comes to laptops, the trend to be slim yet powerful stands.

That said, we are expecting to see some exceptional new features in laptops sometime this year, which means you should gear up to sell your used laptop using a service like Gadget Salvation, and cash in to buy a shiny new one, complete with all the bells and whistles.

Let’s look at what the experts anticipate this upcoming year when it comes to laptops.

1. Updated Intel Processors

We have seen some 8th generation Intel U-series processors released in the last few months. That means that by mid-2018, this update should come standard on all laptops.

For instance, Samsung’s Notebook 9 received 8th generation Intel Core i7 processors and still maintain that it has placed its largest and most powerful battery possible within a notebook.

Adding to that, it is expected that the 8th generation Intel H-series will drop sometime in 2018, making it the fastest one to date. Building upon the 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, this new processor will see two additional cores and even some extended battery life.

2. Thinner Gaming Laptops

There is no denying that gaming laptops experience a lot of wear and tear by their users. However, experts have helped design a gaming laptop that maintains speed and performance, yet generates less heat.

With less heat comes a reduced need for bulky cooling systems that pack on the thickness when it comes to your laptop. This lightweight laptop will still rival the best of 2017’s gaming laptops, but won’t be quite as heavy, which is something all gamers are after.

3. Thunderbolt Adoption

More laptops than ever are expected to see Thunderbolt 3 ports that use the USB Type-C standard.

And, with this comes more speed, pixels, and power.

This flexible port serves as a charging port, as well as a place for delivering data and a video signal. In addition, hook up an external graphics card and turn your slim and powerful laptop into a gaming one instantly.

That said, don’t expect Thunderbolt 3 Type-C ports to be the standard for 2018. However, definitely expect to see them on more models than what 2017 saw.

For instance, LG’s Gram laptops are already boasting this feature. Expect new releases to follow suit.

4. 4K Display for Apple MacBook Pro

It is rumored that in an attempt to keep up with the likes of Dell, HP, and Asus, Apple will finally offer 4K display on their famed MacBook Pro.

Here are some compelling reasons why this may be:

  • Gamers expect their laptops to support 4K since so many games do
  • Extra pixels mean a smoother, clearer, and all around better image
  • Photo editing becomes more precise with a boost in color and color gamut

Lastly, featuring 4K displays on their laptops is all part of encouraging people to buy premium (and expensive) products from Apple. The consumer demands it, along with touchscreen capability, great design, and cover color options. Therefore, Apple provides.

5. Eye Tracking and Touchscreens

Though both eye tracking and touchscreen laptops are already a thing, we can expect the technology behind both concepts to take off in 2018 and beyond.

Trackpads and the keyboard are definitely not making an exit anytime soon. However, with touchscreen advancements, the popularity of eye tracking, and the possibility for hand gesture recognition and continued use of voice recognition technology, the way we interact with our laptops is sure to continue to evolve.

This is in addition to ideas that the trackpad is in need of a dire overhaul. Wanting them to cover more space, become more pressure sensitive, and have palm detection for automatic shut off while typing, the future of laptop’s basic trackpad are uncertain, though great things are probably in store.

Altogether, there is much excitement in the world of laptops. As big name companies rev their marketing strategies when it comes to new releases, expect to see great things this New Year.