5 simple ways to make your old things into new

There is a quote that says ‘you cannot use up creativity, the more you use the more you have’. The following paradox says it all that you cannot even imagine what your mind is capable imagining of. So why don’t infuse creativity and imagination in recycling old stuff?

The notion ‘save earth’ is prevalent these days. Recycling your old stuff is surely one way to minimize the usage of resources. Surely you might be having a lot of old stuff lying around your house. Taking that stuff and turning into something new and useful will not only benefit our beloved earth in the long term but also the immediate you. Who doesn’t like to save money on buying furniture or crockery? Reusing and recycling old stuff can retrench the amount of money you spend. However, a though would arise that recycled things are not visually appealing or they look a messy but with integration of some creativity you can build an attractive and a fancy home. There are so many things that are not under use which can be utilized innovatively to add some spark to your house. Here are 5 simple ways to make your old things into new, fancy and useful:

Use computer tower as a mailbox

The idea of portability has also introduced in the electronic world long time ago. Slowly and steadily, computer towers are becoming obsolete given the production of affordable laptops. Surely you might be having a computer tower that is not in use anymore. Why don’t use it as a creative mailbox? You can easily get rid of the boards and wiring placed inside the tower and create and empty space. Attach it with a rod and dig it into the ground outside your house to use it as a mailbox. You can decorate it further to give it a look of a mailbox. This doesn’t only look creative but is also money saving and useful.

Old TV into an aquarium

If you still have that vintage piece of TV left in your house, do not throw away. Previously it used to display movies and serials, now it can be an ideal fish display. Aquarium adds charm to your house. You can create a hollow space in the television and adjust a glass box into it creating it into an aquarium. This will surely cost you low than conventional aquariums and obviously generate a classic look.

Transform hats into lamps

In case you don’t like to wear hats, use them as fancy lamps. Just place a bulb inside it and hang it on the ceiling. Without making investment, you can add magical look to your house.

Old CD cases can be used to store cables

In order to prevent tangling of wires and cables, old cylindrical CD cases can be used for its storage. You can avoid the hassle related to tangling of wires.

Ladder can make a good bookshelf

Finally, an old ladder can be used as a book shelf. Just attach it horizontally to the wall and use the rails to support the books. It is a unique and a creative way to store books.