5 simple ways to create your own chatbot

Technology is at its boom. People are coming up with new things that, even a few years ago, one could have not imagined possible. Artificial intelligence is one of them. Powered by artificial intelligence, a service that chats with internet users and answers the question they ask is called a chatbot. Chatbots can be used in multiple ways such as providing customer services or informing you about the current weather conditions.

Below are a few examples of how chatbots can, and are being used:

  • Chatbots can be used to order food. Instead of talking to a real person on a phone or filling the online form, you can order your food to a chatbot. This will reduce the labor, and consequently the costs for the food chains.
  • Imagine chatbots as your personal assistant. We already know Siri and Cortana, so it is not difficult to imagine a conversation with your computer or mobile device. Such bots could be used to guide you through the different aspects of your device, program schedules or control remote devices. It could even help you to organize your emails and meetings effectively.
  • Although there are not many examples of chatbots acting as a teacher, but the complete potential can be extracted with further developments in technology. With chatbots ability to communicate in natural language, and their real-time access to any source of information, it is not difficult to imagine a bot teaching us a foreign language or how to play a guitar.
  • Businesses are already using chatbots for diverse customer services, like processing orders or ticketing complaints. This will definitely advance with time and flow into the health sector.

However the question still remains on how to create an effective chatbot. There are ways that will require professional programming and the cost to create a chatbot will depend on your needs. Nevertheless below are 5 simple ways to create your own chatbot:

1. Chatfeul

This is a chatbot creator for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. If you want to enhance your business through Facebook, this might be an ideal option. Chatfeul will guide you through each and every step in creating your own chatbot, the service does not even require any prior programming knowledge. You can even create navigation steps using this application.

2. Smooch

If you want to connect your business application to a messaging application, then this is the best option. Smooch will allow your business application to receive incoming chat notifications from messaging apps and react. This will help you boost your customer services.

3. Facebook Messenger Platform

You can create your own chatbot via Facebook’s official page. This might be a bit difficult for beginners. You will have to set up a few tools before you can begin creating your first bot. However you can refer to the provided guides for help.

4. Botkit

Botkit is mainly for creating bots for messaging platforms like Slack. The chatbots created using Botkit are conversational applications. The AI mimics the natural way humans communicate, this is useful when you want to simulate a normal conversation.

5. Init.ai

Intelligent conversational applications can be created using Init.ai. You can reach your customers via Facebook Messenger or any website using this tool kit. The powerful machine learning system evaluates the context of the conversation. It is just an amazing application to create your own real “chat” bot.