5 Handy business Apps That will Help You to Manage Your Finances Easily

You want to start a business. But you don’t want all the headache that comes along with managing finance of a business. I totally understand your situation. There is a solution to this. Mobile applications can help you manage your finances and the finances of your business to a great extent. There are hundreds if not thousands of apps that are made for this purpose. There are lots of choices. The applications listed below are all my personal favorites and something that I recommend to everyone.


Mint is one of the best personal finance applications out there. It is useful for both working individuals as well as business people. Since it has existed for a long time and is managed by a professional team of developers, it has number of features that will help you manage your personal finances better. It will help you track income and all your expenses, help in your taxes, provide reports in easy to read formats with charts and graphs, provides reminders for bill payments and many other things. The app is recommended by the experts at bitcoinscamfighters. This app will help you achieve your financial goals and help in budgeting effectively. It also helps you in tracking and managing your investments.


Expensify is a mobile application that helps you convert your business reports into neat excel datasheets. In the past, you would have to go through the data and manually enter it into the computer. Not anymore! This mobile application cuts down a lot of repetitiveness from this task and make it so easy and fun that anyone can do it. This app comes in both free and paid versions. If you own a business, then paid version is highly recommended.


Creating and dealing with invoices is another boring task that every business person has to deal with. FreshBooks is a software that can help a lot in this area. This software automates a lot of steps when it comes to invoicing and makes it much more efficient and saves your time to deal with other issues of your business.


Teaspiller is an application that will help you in doing your taxes for the business. Again, taxes are something that most people hate to do and avoid doing until it becomes absolutely necessary. What this application does is that it connects you to the nearest tax professional that is most equipped to handle the taxes for your business. This will help you save a lot of time and energy spent dealing with the tax issues yourself.


Chargify is an application that helps you receive money from your customers. This is especially helpful if your product is subscription based. It doesn’t have to be a digital product though. Chargify also allows you to create special offers and coupons and manage all the expiration dates and renewal deadlines of each customer. The cost of this software depends upon the number of customers you have so that wouldn’t be a big issue.