5 Fast Forward Future Truck Technologies

Technological advancements are growing at a great pace and it would be not long enough before we see every aspect of our life as well as world, governed by the power of tech. There are sectors from as small as poultry to as large as gold mining utilizing the benefits of technology as much as possible. Today we are going to inspect a rather new domain, i.e. trucking and how technology is likely to affect it in the near future.

1. Walmart’s Hybrid Truck

Looking as a Ferrari with a rather long stylish hood, Walmart’s truck of future runs on an electric hybrid drive system. Its trailer has been custom made utilizing carbon fiber which offers this vehicle lightweight, however, at the same time imparts an added level of strength. Designing this truck as a part of their WAVE project Walmart is trying to considerably reduce the consumption of energy in their day to day operations. Loaded with stylish interiors as well as fitted with advanced navigation control tools this truck will reduce the total energy consumption by half as reported by Walmart.

2. Platooning Trucks to Reduce Drag

Based on the idea of saving fuel Pelton Technology, a company based in California has designed a truck platooning system which will allow all the trucks to travel much closer than they previously could. This system which operates utilizing smart sensors, V2V follow the link as well as electronic brakes allow trucks to save almost 10% of their fuel while at the same time giving a totally comfortable and controlled ride experience. According to company CEO, these smart trucks compared to conventional trucks, which take around 1-2 seconds to stop if brakes applied, take only a fraction of seconds to react and hence avoid collision of any type.

3. Daimler’s Providing World with Truck of Future

In an event in Germany, Daimler released what can be called as the ‘coolest looking truck ever’. However, this truck isn’t on the list just because of its looks, but there are also added features such as self-drive option, along with plenty of advanced navigation tools. There are radars on the front, to the side which completely control the truck surroundings. Then there is, of course, a stereo camera windshield to determine road conditions and emergency brakes,

4. Zf Innovation Truck

As soon as Daimler announced their ‘Truck of future’, ZF also came with a competitive tech. In response to Daimler’s self-drive feature, this truck does have self-park systems installed. In a demo, the company showed how controlling using a tablet, can a driver park trailer accompany with a semi-trailer. Operating on wireless signals the power steering was designed to be fully responsive towards every command. Speaking on the utility, the technical advisor mentioned about how this truck parking system can be utilized to efficiently park trucks for loading and as soon as done, can be off to its destination. This firstly saves time secondly does save fuel which is wasted in moving trucks back and forth to achieve correct positions.

5. Volvo-Building A Safe Truck

In the same expo held in Germany was the Volvo 360 announced, a truck which will ensure the 360-degree safety of truck as it moves. This technology will analyze the truck environment 360 degrees and will monitor traffic on all sides. This monitoring will ensure that the truck moves safely even in the heaviest of traffic reducing the number of truck accidents to a minimum. Still in designing process, according to the company this project may take 5-10 years, however once done it definitely will be a boon for people and vehicles on road.

These 5 technologies we believe do have the potential to revolutionize the future of trucking. Should you have a requirement for a used truck, Truck1Eu provides you with used trucks for sale. To reach out visit their website.