4G comes to Sweden and Norway

TeliaSonera said it has created two 4G networks in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.

The 4G networks will be ready to use early next year but full implementation of 4G LTE (long term evolution) waits for semiconductor manufacturers and phone makers to complete products they’re already creating.

The speed of a 4G connection can be as much as 100 megabits a second, and 4G LTE has broad acceptance from the industry.

Earlier this year, Hermann Hauser, an industry expert on broadband, told TG Daily that: “There’s no doubt that the next generation standard will be LTE.”

He suggested that WiMAX, a standard for metropolitan broadband strongly backed by chip giant Intel, will cede victory to LTE. At the same conference, a senior executive from Texas Instruments said that chipsets for LTE are already shipping and in the next three years the technology, broadly accepted by the telcos, will be deployed in volume.

Some regions of the world, such as India, are still waiting for decent deployment of 3G networks.