4 Valid Ways Technology is Rapidly Changing the Finance Industry

In the recent years, the traditional banking system has taken a beat. Modernized and disrupted by the latest financial technologies. The innovation in technology has been challenging the baking system to quickly take advantage of the new opportunities. They are changing the ways customers used to associate with the financial companies and banks. Recently, the financial services for businesses and customers have been changing.

It is important for the banks and financial companies to deal with this new competition because that is the only way they can stay in the market. However, the rate at which the technologies are emerging it will become more challenging for the companies to introduce the changing technologies. Here are 4 ways technologies are changing the finance industry.

AI and Machine learning

Banks are under pressure to meet the demands of the mobile and online banking facilities. They have to provide all the latest services like payments with the account checks, transfer, and upgrades using the internet. With the help of machine learning, they can make the process easier for themselves. The benefit of machine learning is that it has the ability to process all types of data at the fastest speed, that will help the banking system to analyze all the information and data that they have. Once they will have the pre-determined criteria, it will become easier for them to provide their customers with the online services.


In the present age, technology has even reduced the importance of humans in the financial industry. In the recent report released by Juniper Research, it has been found that companies have been able to save $8 billion per year because of the chatbots. By 2020, these companies can increase their saving to 85% and that is why banks and financial industries are showing interest in using the latest technology.

As well as the chatbots will give the financial companies the idea how they can start using the AI-driven services. they could give their customers the access to automate payment management relate to card data. It will help in the management of live transaction. It will help to collect data related to the customers’ accounts to assure that the authorized transactions can be properly managed. It will help the businesses to manage their complex accounts and cards.


One of the biggest revolutions in the finance industry has been brought by blockchain. It has changed the way financial companies used to manage money and transactions some of the benefits that come with the services are.

1. It will allow the banking systems to assure that customers can manage the transactions around the world without any delays or other issues

2. Customers will not have to pay extra money for the transactions as well as the value of the blockchain tokens will the same around the world

3. Blockchain makes it easier to invest in the foreign stocks because the money that comes as profit will remain the same without any issues.

4. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is the biggest threat to the finance industry in the present age. If they will not adopt the technology blockchain will soon take over everything in the industry.


The internet of things is changing the way we used to stay connected with the world. With the smartphone, everything is connected and managed. It is important for banking systems to assure that they introduce a mobile application that will allow their customers to manage the services from anywhere. This is the reason that financial companies have their own mobile applications through which customers can easily pay their bills, manage the mobile recharge and take advantage of quick transactions services.

Technology has completely changed the way we used to associate with the financial industry. There are many companies and banking system which are still struggling for the introduction of technology into their services because they have understood the only way they can succeed and stay in the market is with the help of technology.

Image Credit: Pixabay