The technological world is changing all the time and due to your busy schedule, keeping track of new apps is hard. Even harder is, knowing what the new apps do and how they fit in your day-to-day life. Some apps will promise to deliver the moon but end up massively disappointing you, right?

These days there’s is no dearth to the tasks you could accomplish with the apps in circulation. Did you know there’s an app for gauging blood alcohol content? let’s just say institutions like a detox of south Florida have seen an increase of patients thanks to apps like this.

Here are some of the apps you need to make life easier:

Office mobile

Gone are the days you had to carry around your bulky laptop or tablet, so you could use Microsoft office. A mobile app has the same practicality and efficiency as the computer app. What’s more, you get a trial period of the app before you have to purchase the full version of the app. In case you need to work on larger documents using your tablet or computer, not to worry you can synchronize the devices. Once you log into the computer or tablet you will be able to access your document with the same progress you had made on your phone.

Dark sky

Weather forecasting has become a huge event in our day-to-day lives. With a weather forecast, you can determine what to wear, where to hold your meeting?

It, therefore, goes without saying having an app that accurately predicts the weather is important. Dark sky will predict the weather for you and in case the rain is about to start you will get a notification a few minutes early. If you have to travel to other towns, not to worry the app will still predict the weather for you.


Due to the hustle and bustle of city life, there is never enough time to read interesting articles. What’s more, some websites do not allow reading articles while one is offline. Suffice to say this is really annoying. Here is where this app comes in. One you download the app you’re able to download articles you love and read them offline at your own convenience.

An added feature is you can change the font size. If you feel the font size is too small you no longer have to squint trying to read, all you have to do is adjust the size.


Organization is an important character one must have to succeed to the upper echelons of society. However, our minds are so preoccupied with work, family, and friends among other factors to make organization a hard task.

This app helps you organize your life and tasks easily. Whether you have to save notes, checklists, thoughts, links, or even photos Evernote has you covered. You will have access to these items at any time you need them. What’s more, you could set a reminder for a certain event. This will allow you the freedom to focus on other tasks without the fear of forgetting some items.