Is Google Dissing Apple Over iPhones’ Storage?

Those who are a ,partially, proud owner of a 16 GB iPhone can understand the following clip very well

If you download a few apps and receive a few funny videos from friends on social media then your 16 GB phone will disown you, refusing any further cooperation, and your cloud has most probably been full since five years, leaving you with only one option – deleting photos or apps. Apple must have noticed this problem since the iPhone 4 but has probably been making a hell of a lot of money with their iCloud and ridiculously expensive storage solutions. Most carriers give their customers 16 GB iPhones, because they are the cheapest models and Cupertino is happily making money off them, so why change anything?

Then comes Google (or Alphabet), who has sworn not to be evil, and gives everyone free unlimited cloud space for their pictures, even iPhone users. You don’t have to join the Android side of the force to enjoy Google, the people at Mountain View have a heart for iPhone users too. Any iPhone user can easily install Google’s apps on their phones and have their pictures automatically backed up to their Gmail account, and with one click have their phone storage cleared up.