The Apple Watch, first opinions

There are two kinds of Apple product buyers, some buy the latest product no matter what it is and there are the others who think twice before spending lots of money on an extra or upgraded gadget; there is also a third category who has no idea what they are using, their kids keep telling them what to buy.

The Apple Watch comes in two different sizes and numerous designs, the hardware is the same in all models. Reading through the net, I couldn’t find a convincing answer to why you should definitely buy this watch, so I’ll list a few pros and cons, disregarding the high price, that’s a default Apple feature.



 + The Apple Watch has the typical Apple look and feel. Despite its weight and size it is comfortable to wear.

  The watch is not typically round, making it look like what it is, a gadget. The watch screams – look at me, I am an Apple.


 + It is practical to check on your messages or mails without having to pull out your phone every time. It is specially useful when you are charging the phone or it is buried deep in your bag.

  There are limited things you can do with the small interface, making it necessary to take your phone out anyway. You can dictate texts and send them as an audio file or transcription but you can’t edit them. The main reason text messaging is so popular, is that you can silently do it under the table and chat with a few people simultaneously, shouting at your wrist is not a practical alternative.


 + The good thing is you can make them.

 The bad thing is no discretion, bad sound quality and it looks silly talking to your watch.

Battery life

I don’t know if batteries have any pros or cons, all gadgets have one and sooner or later they must be charged. The Apple Watch is no different, it is supposed to have a battery life of 18 hours, which is a whole day in battery language but that only works for “normal” usage, whatever that means. If you use the watch to talk, listen to music or workout your day will end after 3 to 6 hours.


Users have complained that the interface is not as intuitive as they had expected from an Apple product and that you need time to get used to it. Having a 38 mm 272 x 340 (42mm 312 x 390) screen has its limits. Do not expect to have all the functions you have on your phone.

 + Good readability in sunlight and force touch

  Not intuitive

Fitness tracking

I was expecting a smartwatch to have, at least, all the functions that a fitness band has, if not more. The Apple Watch can monitor your heart rate and use your phone’s GPS to track your movements but not reliably, making it useless for training unless you connect it to third party sensors.

  I would expect such an expensive piece of hardware to do the job alone.

Wear and tear

 Some drop tests have shown the screen breaking. It is hard to judge now on how the watches  will look like after a few weeks’ usage, we have to wait and see. Lots of friends were disappointed from the iPhone 6, maybe Apple has learned a few things.

  A sensitive piece of hardware that needs taking care of.

Would I buy it?

The main reason I would not buy an Apple Watch is, having yet another device to charge. It is frustrating enough with my smartphone, always carrying a charger around, constantly looking for a power socket, adding the burden of a watch with an extra charger is not worth it.

At the moment, the Apple Watch does not add enough quality to my mobile digital life for me to want to carry it around all day. It is too expensive to be bought just like that and it doesn’t have enough functions for me to say – Wow! I want it. But if you love gadgets, love Apple, know what to expect and have the money to spare, you have most probably already bought the Apple Watch.